Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Just found this video about the Leeds festival which features us!

Here is the link:


A good review in the lead up to the Leeds / Reading festival.
From this blog.

Sunday, 2 August 2009

We're playing The Big Chill next Sunday about 6:30 on the crap stage! Great name, a joke apparently, but we're assured it will be good. David Byrne is also playing that night and then hopefully a wicker man will be burnt whilst us pagans stand around transfixed by the fire. I'll be sure to get some photos! We're going to head down on the Saturday and camp for a night. Was going to go a little earlier but decided damage limitation was the best bet. One night of getting wrecked before a gig is better than two or three.
We have also just put a couple of new songs on the myspace > www.myspace.com/horseguardsparade
One is called 'The Lies' and is one of the songs we recorded at Alan's nova studios. The other is a remix of a song called 'She Looked Like A Henry Moore'. It was done by our friend Mandrillus Sphinx of the band Fila Brazillia. It's great!
We went to the press launch for the Leeds festival the other day, had a good time. Met some nice people including the Couple who own Bramham Park where the festival was held. Turns out he was in the Royal Horse Guards! We also met a guy called Melvin who owns Festival republic who put on the Leeds/Reading festival and also Latitude festival. He is from Hull and went to the same school as me, albeit about 25 years before me! I'll put up some photos when they are developed.

Beyond: Woods // Rain On from Ray Concepcion on Vimeo.

Great song, great video, great band.

Saturday, 1 August 2009


Loads of good music about, I've been getting into Bowerbirds, and also listening to albums by Lafayette afro rock band, Mulatu Astatke / the Heliocentrics loads of old blues, and the new Tinariwen album.