Saturday, 28 March 2009

Marble Valley on tour!
Beige and Remko are getting the Ferry into the back of the Hull docks on Monday morning (30th March) and West is flying into Manchester on Monday at 11am. Then the madness begins. Practice Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday before the first gig on Thursday and then off out fueled by Sheroin (Harveys Bristol Cream) and crack whores. Everyone is excited and ready to go. we also have an acoustic session to fit in for BBC radio Humberside on Tuesday. Not much time to practice but we've done it enough to jump straight back in without a wimper. Horse Guards on hold for a couple of weeks until Carl and I get back then a little practice and into the studio to record songs for our next 7".
We have also been asked to write a song using Philip Larkin's words for a compilation C.D. which is to be released in 2010 to mark the anniversary of his death. We are to record the song at fairview studios in late summer. Got to choose a poem many good ones to choose and they all fit our miserable tone....

Currently listening to Mike Bones - A fool for everyone, Dirty Projectors - Rise above and The Pains of being pure at heart and liking them.

This is part of the play list from the Tom Robinson show we were played on, on BBC 6music. This song is the lead track on our new E.P. which came out on iTunes on Monday 23rd of March. The other picture is an article which appeared in the 26th of March edition of Hull Daily Mail. We played at The Sesh at the Linnet and Lark on the 24th.
This is great!

Friday, 20 March 2009

O.K. done loads recently, the interview for raw talent on BBC Radio humberside was aired on March 15th. Sounds good. i tried to be quite enthusiastic sounding, and it seems to have worked. Sounds better than than my usual miserable tones. You can listen again on the BBC iplayer if you so desire. We also did a gig at the Adelphi in Hull supporting Skeletons and the kings of all cities. They're a great band from New York. stayed at the adelphi until 3. Was pretty wrecked. Jacko who runs the Adelphi seemed to enjoy himself and Jim the soundman was his usual self. Next gig is Tuesday 24th at the Sesh at Linnet and Lark in Hull. then a month off gigs so we can get some recording done.
I've also Been getting ready for the Marble Valley tour. This is the other band i'm in with Steve West of Pavement. Should be good, loads of good venues and people seem to be up for the shows and excited about coming to them. There's a good vibe around this tour which is a bonus. The dates are:
Thursday April 2nd. Hull - The Lamp.
Friday April 3rd. Manchester - Chorlton Irish Club (blowout night).
Saturday April 4th. Aberdeen - The Tunnels (SNAFU).
Sunday April 5th. Glasgow - Nice and Sleazy.
Monday April 6th. Newcastle - The End.
Wednesday April 8th. London - The Luminaire.
Thursday April 9th. Wakefield - Escobar.
Friday April 10th. Nottingham - The Chameleon.
Saturday April 11th. York - City Screen.

Sunday, 8 March 2009

I did the BBC Radio Humberside interview with Katy Noone. It went really well. It will be aired on either Sunday the 15th or 22nd of March on the Raw Talent show. Had a good conversation with Katy about music; The Band, Joni Mitchell, Johnny Cash etc.
The interview was supposed to be an overview of the band, what we were about, influences, etc. They are playing one of our tracks and then snippets of songs I have chosen. Here they are:
Biggest influence - Neil Young. (see the sky about to rain - On the beach)
Favorite album - David Bowie, hunky Dory. (Kooks)
Most beautiful voice - Chet Baker. (I've never been in love before)
Perfect Pop song -Odds and Ends, Bacharach and David (Dionne Warwick)
Best Song ever written - Witchita Lineman, Jimmy Webb. (Glen campbell)
Everyone should own an album by - Robert Wyatt. (Ruth is stranger than Richard, Muddy Mouse/ Muddy Mouth)
Current Favorite song - Stars of Leo, M. Ward