Saturday, 28 March 2009

Marble Valley on tour!
Beige and Remko are getting the Ferry into the back of the Hull docks on Monday morning (30th March) and West is flying into Manchester on Monday at 11am. Then the madness begins. Practice Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday before the first gig on Thursday and then off out fueled by Sheroin (Harveys Bristol Cream) and crack whores. Everyone is excited and ready to go. we also have an acoustic session to fit in for BBC radio Humberside on Tuesday. Not much time to practice but we've done it enough to jump straight back in without a wimper. Horse Guards on hold for a couple of weeks until Carl and I get back then a little practice and into the studio to record songs for our next 7".
We have also been asked to write a song using Philip Larkin's words for a compilation C.D. which is to be released in 2010 to mark the anniversary of his death. We are to record the song at fairview studios in late summer. Got to choose a poem many good ones to choose and they all fit our miserable tone....

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