Sunday, 25 October 2009

Started recording album.

So we started recording our first album. Begged, borrowed and hired the equipment we needed and got Aaron in to help us record. we set up a studio at Carls place and got Drums and Bass down for ten songs. Over the next couple of months, we're going to get the rest of the recording done and hopefully have it all mixed before christmas.

Busy Summer.

I haven't done this for a while, so thought I'd better get on with it. We've had a very busy summer since I last posted. After finding out about the Leeds/ Reading festival, and going to the press launch we recorded a session for BBC Radio Humberside, (that's what is happening in the Above picture). Seemed to bee at radio Humberside quite a lot over the summer doing promotion for the Leeds festival and writing a blog which may still be up on their website.
The first festival we did over the summer was The Big Chill. Held near the border of Wales, it's pretty laid back with a Champagne bar and other such unnecessary things. we had a good time though and played really well. Saw Spiritualised, Andrew Bird, Mulatu Astatke and the Heliocentrics and others.
the Big Chill was also the start of Carls lost summer. We picked him up at 10 am on the saturday morning and he hadn't been to bed. he was wrecked on Whiskey and god knows what else and was in a foul mood. This carried on until the end of september come to think of it, I think it's still happening.
The Leeds/ reading festival was great. Leeds on the Friday, Reading on the Saturday. Got there fine and got wrecked pretty easily too. Got interviewed by the local news programme - BBC Look north. They wanted us to say how excited we were and how it was the greatest thing that had ever happened to us, but they just got our understated tones.
The show went well. I started the proceedings by saying to the Leeds audience " Didn't you used to have a football team?" That didn't go down too well!
Met up with Hull band 'the neat' after the show, they were playing the day after us. Ellen and the Escapades were also good people as well as Beardriver.
The next day we woke up with sore heads and rancid mouths. We got to the cars and the battery had run out due to leaving the lights on. Just another easy day! Finally got a jump off and set off on the journey to Reading which was longer than expected.
Chris who is originally from Oxford started to get ratty as soon as we got down south and spent the next two days telling us how much he hates the south. Gig was good and got filmed. Met some good people and got good feedback.
After getting back home we started to get ready to play the Hull freedom festival where we supported Florence and the Machine and Patrick Wolf. It was a great weekend where some how Hull City Council managed to pull it all together.
Other gigs we have done include loads of acoustic stuff. Supporting Howe Gelb of giant sand, Gravenhurst, and Jarvis Cocker!!
That was a great night. Packed house, and great audience. Jarvis was brilliant.
We also recorded two more live sessions. One for an internet radio station called which can be heard at that link, and a session for simon Mayo on BBC Radio 5 live to 1.2 million listeners!! We played 1 song and were interviewed. I'll put the recording on our myspace. John Prescott was on the same show, he was really funny and also very knowledgeable. so there you go. That was our summer. James