Sunday, 8 March 2009

I did the BBC Radio Humberside interview with Katy Noone. It went really well. It will be aired on either Sunday the 15th or 22nd of March on the Raw Talent show. Had a good conversation with Katy about music; The Band, Joni Mitchell, Johnny Cash etc.
The interview was supposed to be an overview of the band, what we were about, influences, etc. They are playing one of our tracks and then snippets of songs I have chosen. Here they are:
Biggest influence - Neil Young. (see the sky about to rain - On the beach)
Favorite album - David Bowie, hunky Dory. (Kooks)
Most beautiful voice - Chet Baker. (I've never been in love before)
Perfect Pop song -Odds and Ends, Bacharach and David (Dionne Warwick)
Best Song ever written - Witchita Lineman, Jimmy Webb. (Glen campbell)
Everyone should own an album by - Robert Wyatt. (Ruth is stranger than Richard, Muddy Mouse/ Muddy Mouth)
Current Favorite song - Stars of Leo, M. Ward

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