Tuesday, 24 February 2009

I really like track 8 off the new M ward album. Can't stop listening to it. We've been asked to do an interview on radio Humberside stating favorite album, first gig etc and favorite song of the moment. I think it'll have to be the M Ward one or track 2 of Microcastle by Deerhunter.
So we had a gig at lamp last Wednesday ( 18th) it was great, everyone seemed to love it, so very pleased. It's surprising we played well after the practice we had the Sunday before. I picked up Carl and he was wrecked- for a change- He had gone to the Green Dragon for last orders and been invited to a party. Whilst there he said to someone " she's a bit fat" the guy said " that's my wife!" any way Carl got into a fight after telling the bloke it served him right! He escaped through the fish pond with cracked ribs and hands which don't work properly, which isn't good for a keyboard player. So he spent sunday before practice drinking to calm the pain. He played great at the gig though.
Went to see AWAL (artists without a label) on Monday. e.p. is coming out March 23rd. They seemed really up for it. See what happens though. We need to do some promotion too or nothing is going to happen.
gig in Manchester on Saturday (28th) Really looking forward to that, also looks like we're playing the Windmill in Brixton, London in May.. will keep you posted.
Also started to Twitter - www.twitter.com/horseguard
See you later, James

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