Monday, 5 January 2009

Spent the day driving around as usual, had some laughs and some near misses. The roads were quiet and it was cold, but not inside the car. Listened to Microcastle by Deerhunter and found out who the girl was who slept on maysy's sofa on new year.
Recorded some vocals for two new songs yesterday at D/cons. We worked on 'She looked like a Henry Moore' and 'The Lies'.
Both sound pretty good. Waiting for Bernard to send over his flute parts from Portland and maybe re-record the drums to 'Henry Moore' but I'm sure they'll both work out. Practice on wednesday. Need to discus video shoot and a Hull show in February....We'll see.
Got 'Litany of Echoes' by James Blackshaw and the 'The week that was' album yesterday. Both really good and very different from each other. TWTW sounds like Sparks and Peter Gabriel, The Sphinx commented on how it also sounds a bit like 'Do Me Bad Things' - but without the rock.

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