Friday, 5 June 2009

It's funny how a little bit of sun makes Newland Avenue seem almost continental. Almost. The weather over the last few days has really made a difference though. It's miserable again now though. Getting through the Bob Dylan Chronicles when I get time to read it. Some good insights. The new video for his latest single is great, you can see it on the directors bureau. God help the girl by Stuart Murdoch is shaping up to be great too. The single Come Monday night is really good, there is a video blog about it in the Guardian online every Monday.
Trying to get the album recorded. 10 songs in 6 Months. Seems easy but i'm not sure we'll manage it. If we had loads of cash and time we could knock it out in 2 weeks, but there you go.
The band Silver club have asked us to play with them in Chester on June 18th, so that should be good. We played with them in Manchester earlier this year and they are a great bunch. Sorted of Electro/ baggy/ indie.
So long.

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