Tuesday, 25 May 2010

ATP was pretty wild. Saw Calexico and Broken Social Scene on the Friday before playing with Marble Valley. Had a great gig. Bob Nastanovich introduced us with Horse Guards guitarist Archie dressed in a yellow jump suit, and Bobs wife Whitney hula hooped at the front of the stage during the show. Everyone gave it loads though Aaron our percusionist seemed to spend the full show pointing and shaking a triangle!
Later saw Wooden Shjips then back to the chalet for the rest of the night.
We played at 1 the next day. Archie had stayed up all night preparing. Gig went well got some great feedback then saw Wax Fang play Prince's Purple Rain, Pavement, who were amazing, and the Monotonics who played the best 15 minutes I've ever seen until the show got stopped by sercurity. The rest of the night merged into the next day back at the Marble Valley chalet.
Felt terrible Sunday. Steve Wests talk on being a stone mason was very entertaining and the Fall were amazing and awful at the same time. Great weekend with some very sketchy memories. Drowned in sound has some good photos of the weekend, here are a couple of us, as well as some other photos to give you the feel of the three days and a video of some of Westys talk.

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