Wednesday, 27 May 2009

First time i've Played Ten Pin Bowling for about five years and I won. 150 points. I've never got that many points in my life!
We played at The Buffalo Bar in London last friday (22nd May). It went really well. Loads of people came and Dinger, a friend from Hull, said "it was like watching all your favorite bands at once but in a new way". That will do me! Got really wrecked and ended up in The Lexington pub listening to a d.j. in a Sunn O))) t shirt play Joy Division and Killing Joke records. It was a good night. Stayed over at John Mcarthers place in Stoke Newington. I fell to sleep around 3 luckily as Carl and John ended up playing internet Poker into the early hours. Woke up the next morning and me and Archie had breakfast at a sicilian place with really moody waitresses. Stoke Newington seems like a really nice place, the high street is like a village. Nice pubs too. on the way there we went past Highbury stadium which was very impressive. The drive home on Saturday was a nightmare though, loads of people leaving London for the bank holiday, took about 4 and a half hours to get home.
Hull City played on Sunday so went to watch that, City lost to Man U 1-0 but still stayed in the premiership due to Newcastle being useless. I left after the match but was told that the evening got messy with loads of fat heads singing football songs in overcrowded pubs. Hideous!
Gig on Sunday at the Springboard Festival in Cottingham, we're playing at the King Billy at 7:30. The festival starts on Friday other acts playing over the weekend are; Awash with Antler, Derek Waudby, The Notebook, Jeremy Warmsley, Mammal Hum.
Going to go on Friday to catch some bands, and then see whatever else I can on Sunday.
We seem to have loads more gigs coming up. Sheffield, Lancaster, Manchester, Hull, and the prospect of The Big Chill Festival and Carling Leeds Festival. Rory from The Notebook is also trying to put on a local festival at a farm in Long Riston.
We have also got a good review of our e.p. on it is above.

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