Friday, 28 January 2011

Just got this Psychedelic Aliens album, it's from 1971. the band were from Ghana and were mates with Fela Kuti.
As with all the 'world' music I buy, it is African music which has been influenced by western music - in this case psychedelic rock. The first thing I thought when hearing this record was how much it reminded me of Sukia, a mid nineties band who were signed to Mo Wax, and it got me thinking how good a label Mo Wax was. They put out some amazing records, Headz, Money Mark, Andrea Parker, Luke Vibert etc and the art work was always brilliant. All my hard earned paper round money went on buying records, mainly on Mo Wax and Domino.
Not sure what happened to Mo Wax though. Guess they just got too big for themselves. After DJ Shadow and Unkle, it all seemed to go wrong. A lot of Indies go that way after they get 'success'. I heard a quote from the guy from XL saying "(he) doesn't want the label to get bigger, just better" seems like a plan.

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